home of nano anderson


I love taking photographs. Specifically, I enjoy slow photography. Preferably film. Always through an optical viewfinder. Preferably a rangefinder. Preferably using uncommon or spectacular glass.

Note: Most of these cameras and lenses were either burned when my home burned down, or I sold them before that. I need to update this page.

Custom Leica M2

My current equipment is as follows:

My Leica M2 "Hermés"

My Leica M3

I generally keep the straps simple. Domke 1" straps for the big bodies, but a Gordy’s wrist strap on a tripod screw because the left strap lug is loose and if it gets jostled it will leak light into the camera!

Enia's first cigar

Most of my photos are taken while traveling. Recently, I've been attempting to improve my street photography. Anxiety holds me back. I once was yelled at by a construction worker who said I had no right taking his photo. Legally speaking, he was wrong. Nonetheless, it made my heart race with fear.



I started developing my own film about a year ago. I still have a lot to learn.

Vanishing point



And my cats. Of course I take pictures of my cats and post them on the internet.